The Pristine and Regal Purple Themed Box

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A regular mystery box filled with all things purple The scents will be specially centered around the colour purple and the colour melts too ✨


Possible scents will include:

  • Glittering Star
  • Relax Yourself
  • Sleepy
  • Ary
  • Sweet like Candies
  • Rose Wonderland
  • Italian Coast
  • Candy Cotton Clouds
  • Alien
  • Skittles


  •  Scents cannot be gauranteed and are kept a surprise when purchased. If there is a possible allergy, please let me know at checkout.
  • The picture attached is an estimate. Price point depends on what is bought. For example a small box may be two or four items, items are picked randomly but you are saving on items (for example Small is priced at £5, items will be £6+)

To see scent descriptions please click here. 


How to buy:

Buying this listing you are agreeing to "Made to Order" terms, meaning the wax melt is not ready to go but is only made once you order. Depending on the size of your order, dispatch can range from 3-14 days. Please keep this in mind when ordering. If you would like an estimated dispatch time, please email me.

Add this listing to your basket and at checkout please tell me the scent off my list you would like it in. Be sure to check the collections in case I have some all ready to go! Please be aware some scents may be unavailable or need to be ordered in, typically I will mark these as Out of Stock but sometimes will forget/order them in for your order if needed, this can create delays. 

You may be refunded for the items if out of stock. Please email me with any questions ( Please use a contactable email at checkout.

Customer Reviews

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Ruth Shapter
Love it!

These colour themed boxes are great. You get so much for your money and in the colours you love! I highly recommend if you want to treat yourself or for a gift :)