Small Letterbox Mothers Day Gift

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A small letterbox friendly gift for the best Mum or Nan you have around! Can make the perfect Mothers Day, Birthday or just a friendly reminder they're great gift!


  1. This gift set includes: x Large Heart (has Mum on) OR long snapbar (has Nan on)
  2. A gorgeous snap pot in my signature Mum Loving Scents.
  3. An extra goody melt of your choice (including: Fairy Sparkle Bar, Heart Imprinted Bar, Star Imprinted Snapbar, Large Heart Snapbar)


Please be sure to leave the scent you want for number one and three in the customisation box attached to this listing. You can choose any scent off my scent list! The snap pots however (number two) have 4 Gorgeous mother day scents available.


Snap Pot Scents:

Grandma's House

A mouthwatering accord of sweet apple pie with warm baked pastry notes and smooth creamy vanilla custard. This snap pot has an orange hue with a pink mica tint when melting. I chose this scent to pay omage to the grandmothers as Mother's Day is to celebrate all the important women in your life. And I thought only right a scent made to be reminiscent of Grandma's baking.


Clean Pink

(Similar In Style and Identity to the Pink Fresh & Clean Sample Provided) A Aresh citrus floral fragrance opening with green mandarin, enhanced by freesia and apple, supported by a heart of waterlily, rose, Jasmin and clean ozone notes resting on a substantive base of musk and amber.

I chose this as we reach Spring, the more fresh and clean scents are quite popular and I just kept thinking of those who will be spring cleaning! Everyone wants their house to smell clean right? Comes as a simple pastel pink colour.


Woo Woo

A sparkling fruit cocktail where ripe red cranberries and sweet raspberries are muddled with zesty lime leaves supported by a peach, Jasmin and rose heart on a base of musk, Tonka, vanilla and caramel. I chose this scent because it's actually my mum's favourite cocktail. It smells so fruity and I just feel like it's a very mum drink! Even though Woo Woo is typically red, for my mum I made it a glittery purple.


Mum's Day Off

A sweet and caring fougere accord with relaxing lavender alongside moss, citrus, rose, amber and creamy musk. Cannot lie on this one, I mainly bought for the name being related. But it's true that Mums deserve a day off and Mother's Day is that perfect day to have off. Encased in a gorgeous pink and silver sparkly mica, with pink glitter.


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