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A true "ARMY" has a bomb right? Well some just come in the form of wax and smell nice. These gorgeous bombs come in a pack of two. Inspired by the "ARMY" bomb lightstick.


I purple you 💜

These melts are not associated in anyway with the kpop industry.


How to buy:

Buying this listing you are agreeing to "Made to Order" terms, meaning the wax melt is not ready to go but is only made once you order. Depending on the size of your order, dispatch can range from 3-14 days. Please keep this in mind when ordering. If you would like an estimated dispatch time, please email me.

Add this listing to your basket and at checkout please tell me the scent off my list you would like it in. Be sure to check the collections incase I have some already to go!


Important Information:

Here at Sunflower Home Co, we provide ourselves on delivering eco-friendly soy wax melts that come in the cutest but most efficient form possible. All our wax melts are handmade by myself. The description of our melts are not based on facts but can vary from person to person. We provide CLP labelling on all our melts by law, and it is confirmed at purchase that customers take responsibility for reaching CLP labels before using melts. Labelling is outsourced from a supplier and can result in a product shipping delay.

All wax weight is measured in grams or lbs, as is your final order weight which calculates shipping.

Please take into consideration shipping options before buying as there are various options when checking out. Click here to read our Shipping Policies and explanation on Open Box orders. 

All scent information can be found by clicking here if not given in this description. Each scent varies from person to person. It is suggested if the scent is too subtle to step away from the room for a short while and re-enter. Colours of melts are very tough to replicate, please take into consideration that here we pride ourselves in trying to deliver the most accurate same looking melts.

Bulk/Wholesale Options are available, please contact myself via email.

Last Updated: January 2021
By law, all vendors must now provide CLP upon advertising. Here are the Official Documentation and Allergens (Please read the "CLP in up to 10%" part of the documents) for the fragrances I use. Click here to see. CLP is also provided on all products, please contact me for any questions.


The ones listed here are my permanent scents, for temporary scents, please see here.

Fruit Based Scents

  • Green Apple

A fresh green fruity fragrance dominated by notes of juicy apple supported by peach, green leaf and citrus.

  • Passionfruit and Papaya

A juicy tropical accord of passionfruit and papaya, combined with a fruit blend of sweet orange, pineapple, banana, blackcurrant, strawberry, peach kernel, raspberry and apple.

  • Orange and Bergamot

A refreshing citrus cologne with sweet juicy orange, bergamot and neroli leading to a clean, floral heart of orange blossom, lily, rose and jasmine resting on a base of powdery musk and dry flowers

  • Peach

A fruity peach fragrance resting on a green floralcy, warm musks and ambery notes finish the fragrance.


Bath and Body Scents

  • Lush Fairy (High Street Spa Dupe)

A vibrant, sweet, fruity scent, some say they smell bubblegum, banana, pear drops, musk, vanilla, candy floss or a mix of it all!

  • Northern Lights (High Street Spa Dupe)

A nice light fragrance; hints of lime and topped with cyprus. As if you're walking through a forest.

  • White Dove (Soap Dupe)

A comforting floral with fresh aldehydic top notes accompanied by gentle floral notes of rose and jasmine.  The base is composed of musk, moss, woods and a hint of sweet buttermilk.Similiar to that of a high street soap.

  • Sleepy (High Street Spa Dupe)

A powdery Oriental floral accord opening with soft lemon top notes and creamy lavender followed by white jasmine and violet blooms supported by a rich base of benzoin, vanilla, treemoss and musks.

  • Wash the Kids (High Street Spa Dupe)

A fruity floral fragrance opening with strawberry, peach, cherry and rhubarb leading into a heart of rose, jasmine, ylang and hyacinth supported by honey and gentle spices resting on a base of sweet vanilla and musk.

  • Cloudberry and Lychee (SPA)

A fruity accord featuring notes of orange, grapefruit, lime, apple, pear, pineapple, rhubarb, cassis, plum, peach, lychee and green leaves with a floral background of jasmine, lily and rose on a musk base.

  • Satsuma (BODY S)

A refreshing citrus accord with orange zest and grapefruit in the top with a heart of orange flesh and tangerine.



Perfume Scents

  • Princess (VW)

A subtle interpretation of a popular perfume.

  • Daisy Chan (MJ)

Radiant and Enhancing! Like a sparkling floral bouquet. Fresh with a hint of warmth!

  • Lovely Rita (Angels)

Our angel's (Lovely Rita) fragrance oil is a luxurious, chic and timeless fragrance. An oriental Gourmand, a delicious blend of Exotic Fruits, Caramel and Honey combined with the captivating power of Patchouli & Vanilla. The name is an ode to my late nan as I believe she is my guardian angel (name of the fragrance via the supplier).

  • Pink Sugar

A super sweet almost edible fragrance (please do not eat/drink!) Sweet and sugary this fragrance opens with fresh top notes of orange which lead to a fruity floral heart of sparkling raspberry, voilet, peach and jasmine. The base blends soft musk with creamy vanilla and caramelised sugar.

  • Sweet like Candies

A sweet fruity floral accord opening with bergamot, raspberry and frosted blackberry followed by a heart of cassis, jasmine, frangipani, whipped cream and marshmallows all on a base of vanilla, candy, sugar and precious woods.

  • Ary

This sweet fruity floral fragrance opens with notes of citrus grapefruit, fruity raspberry and pear followed by a floral heart of lily of the valley, vanilla, orchid and rose all resting on a base of sweet marshmallows, vanilla, woods and musk.

  • English Pear and Freesia (JM)

A fresh fruity floral accord with notes of juicy pear, followed by soft florals of freesia and rose supported by patchouli, amber and sheer musk.

  • Forest Flowers (JM)

A fresh floral accord opening with notes of crisp green leaves, marine notes, clove bud and translucent melon with a heart of Jasmin, freesia, orange blossom, jonquil and milky peach notes on a base of white musk and sensual amber.

  • Sunflower (EA)

Classified as a refined, water fragrance. This feminine scent possesses a blend of fruity, fresh florals.

  • Unicorn Dreams (MG)

A rich sumptuous musky floral fragrance with top notes of violet, ylang and pepper, supported by a middle note of rose, mimosa, lily, Jasmin, iris and freesia, resting on a base of powdery musk notes, Tonka, precious woods and orchid.



Candle Dupes

  • Wedding Day (YC)

A titillating powdery floral accord that begins with lively top notes of bergamot, lemon, raspberry, rhubarb and apple.  It descends into a heady heart of violets, jasmine, ylang, lily, rose, geranium, hyacinth, carnation, clove, balsamic berries and sweet powdery nuances.  At the base, notes of orris, vanilla, musk, amber and sandalwood complete the profile

  • Y. Glittering Star (YC)

A sparkling fragrance with notes of sugar plum, ginger & sandalwood.

  • Salted Caramel (YC)

A rich creamy fragrance with notes of sweet caramel, brown sugar and smooth vanilla alongside a salted butter nuance creating a mouthwatering accord.

  • Luna Eclipse (SC)

An alluring fragrance filled with fruits of nectar and exotic florals blended with sweet vanilla and honey for an evening filled with romance.


Aftershave and Cologne Scents

  • Aventos for Men (Cr)

An aromatic woody accord opening with top notes of bergamot, lemon, cassis, incense, elemi and pine cone leading to heart notes of jasmine, rock rose and velvet woods resting on a base of amber, musk, moss and patchouli. 

  • Like a Boss (BB)

Citrus bergamot with notes of basil, hints of fruity green and a subtle ozonic freshness layered with intense musk, soft amberwoods and cedar, jasmine, white lily and sweet vanilla. 

  • Royal Oud (Cr)

A rich woody composition beginning with zesty citrus top notes of lemon, bergamot and grapefruit supported by aromatic cardamom, cypress and hints of clove.  The heart sees notes of sweet herbal angelica supported by powdery orris all resting on a base of precious woods, amber, vanilla and tonka.

  • White Suede (TF)

A rich floral woody musk fragrance combining notes of rose, saffron, thyme and tea with floral notes of lily and base notes of amber, suede, musk and sandalwood.

  • Earl Grey and Cucumber (JM)

A fresh citrus aromatic fragrance with top notes of bergamot, lemon and earl grey tea leading to a watery floral heart of jasmine, angelica and soft florals with a base of musk, amber, cedar and soft woods.



Food and Drink Scents

  • Mr Pepper

A mouthwatering cherry cola accord opening with citrus notes of orange and lime followed by hints of pineapple and cherry almond with fizzy hints and spicy notes all on a base of vanilla.

  • Toffee Popcorn

A sweet accord with notes of soft vanilla and creamy buttery popcorn.   

  • Skittles

A sweet sensational mix with top notes of lemon, mango and mixed berry coupled with middle notes of peach, pear and pineapple. The base notes of vanilla, tonka, rhubarb and mango are completed by essential oils of eucalyptus, lemon and rose.

  • Banana Milkshake

A creamy banana accord with rich smooth notes of cream and vanilla

  • Apple Slushie

A fresh, green fruity fragrance dominated by notes of juicy apple supported by peach, green leaf and citrus.

  • Caramel Coffee

A rich dark coffee fragrance swirled with lashings of sweet caramel.

  • Birthday Cake

A sweet fruity jammy accord of raspberry and strawberry jam encased in rich vanilla sponge cake and a smothering of fresh cream.

  • Homemade Bread

Our freshly baked bread fragrance oil is a sweet, fresh from the oven mouth watering edible smelling bread fragrance.

  • Seaside Doughnuts

A finger-licking scent of warm doughnuts sprinkled with sugar.

  • Peppermint Fluff

A blend of peppermint and huckleberries with violet and floral notes on a base of creamy vanilla marshmallow


Fresh and Floral Scents

  • Fluffy Towels

Similar in style and identity to this famous candle fragrance, our dupe is the highest quality available


  • Spring Day (Japanese Cherry Blossom)

An elegant floral accord opens with top notes of kumquat and a hint of pear followed by a floral heart of rose, jasmine, peony and daisy, supported by a base of musk, patchouli and frangipani.

  •  Bambi

    A soft floral fragrance utilising notes of lavender, jasmine and rose which are serenaded in a sweet bergamot musk.

    • Flower Shoppe

    You can smell the aroma of all of the flowers, green stems, and water droplets on the flower petals filling the air.  Refreshing

    • Chocolate Orchid

    A Sweet, Fruity & Floral Fragrance with notes of Bergamot & Raspberry on a bed of Orchid, Patchouli, Vanilla & Musks.

    • Vanilla Blossoms

    Vanilla blossom fragrance begins with top notes of dewy fresh air, coconut cream, and ripe pineapple;  followed by middle notes of ylang ylang, star jasmine, and Moroccan roses;  sitting on base notes of French vanilla, Egyptian musk, and exotic sandalwood. 



    Cleaning and Laundry Dupe Scents

    • Snuggles (USA Fabric Softener)

    A sweet tropical fruity floral fragrance opening with citrus notes of bergamot followed by fruity notes of peach, apple, coconut and hints of sweet strawberry followed by floral notes of muguet, lily, orange flower and violet with soft herbal nuances on a base of soft woods, amber and musk.

    • Paradise Peach (Zoflo)

    A juicy mouthwatering tropical smoothie of ripe mango supported by notes of sweet peach, red fruits, melon and apple resting on a sweet base.

    • Antiseptic (Detol)

    A robust sweet pine fragrance with aldehydic and citrus top notes, green herbaceous and slightly floral notes and eucalyptus.

    • Sunny Days (SUR)

    A clean blooming floral fragrance with top notes of aldehydes, citrus, hints of spice and green leaves with an overpowering lily heart with jasmine and orange flower nuances on a bed of musk, amber and hints of sweet patchouli.

    • Lemon Zing (Zoflo)

    Fresh invigorating lemon verbena with its zingy lemon character enriched by hints of citrus zest.

    • Citrus Zest (Anti-Septic)

    A clean citrus accord opening with notes of zesty lemon, sweet orange, mandarin, bergamot and apple supported by fresh florality.

    • Rainbow Glitter (Fab Disinfectant)

    A classic parma violet fragrance with hints of rose, jasmine and lily. The background is powdery with notes of musk and iris.

    • Extraordinary (Fab Disinfectant)

    An invigorating oriental fragrance blending fruits, florals and deep woods.

    • Rose Wonderland (Lenor)

    Top notes of Violet Leaf, Orange Peel, Saffron caressed by Rose, Green Stems, Rose Water on a base of Amber, Precious Woods, White Musk, Artemisia, Orange 

    • Spanish Sunshine (Spanish Cleaning)

    Inspired by cleaning; A fresh citrus scent.


    Musk, Spice and Woody

    • Sandalwood

    A mystical fragrance with rich woody notes of sandalwood, cedarwood and warm notes of spices.

    • Sea Salt and Vanilla

    A gentle white floral opens with sparkling green mandarin and fresh aquatic accords, a heart of white jasmine and spiced ginger lily is softened with the presence of sea- salted vanilla nuances. A creamy sandalwood, cashmere and white musk base completes the blend.

    • Vintage Bookstore

    A woody and musky library reminscicent scent.

    • Italian Coast
    A fresh marine accord opening with bergamot, mandarin, elemi, nutmeg, eucalyptus and cucumber leading to a watery floral heart of ozone, water lily, jasmine, violet, rose and gardenia on a base of cedar, amber and musk.



    Mystical and Magical

    • Izzy's Sparkle 

    A sweet dedication to my niece Izabella. Notes of bergamot, orange, fig leaves and raspberry leading to heart notes of lily of the valley, candy floss, liquorice and strawberry resting on a base of woods, powdery musks, vanilla and caramel. You may not think these scents go together, but they make the perfect scent. Personally ask for this scent, and 5% of your purhcase goes towards the National Autistic Society UK.

    • Dark Fairytale

    Full bodied cassis deepens, voluptuous notes of jasmine, tea rose and clove which lay on a base of fresh green leaf and Tonka bean.

    • Once Upon A Time

    A sparkling fizz rounded off by cherry blossom and hibiscus with hints of wild fruits. 

    • Magical Dreams

    Sumptious red berries and cherries with vanilla and musky tones. A truly magical fragrance.

    • Hotel of Dreams
    A fruity fragrance with cherry, srawberry mix highlighted by sandalwood tones. Rasberry, Muguest sitting on a base of vanilla, musk and amber. Reminiscent of a famous Florida destination.

    More Information:


    1. Please be aware, scents do not have a "specific" look attached to what they will look like and they may vary from person to person.
    2. Please do not EAT our wax melts. Please read all CLP information that is attached to melts. Some scents may not include an eloborate explanation as they were not supplied by my fragrance oil suppliers.