"Cool Hand Luke" Dedicated Snapbar

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Scent Information

A warm alcoholic accord with notes of whisky and nuances of smooth velvety caramel.


Goal - £150.



This wax melt is very special to me. And let me tell you why.

Cool Hand Luke is a 1967 film about a man trying to escape prison. The film is a very male-centered jack of the lads film, which introduced a more man's man focus in the cinema. More importantly it is one of my father's favourite films and his young adult nickname.

You see, this wax melt is in honour of my dad. My dad is one of the bravest and most amazing men I've ever had the pleasure of being in my life. Growing up in a rural town in Ireland, my dad always vowed to leave and grow as a person, in life and when he met my siblings and I came along, promised to try and give us the best life I could ever have.

He stayed true to his promise, always being my best friend and providing, improving his education and being one of the best men in his job. The stories he would tell me growing up were always amazing, and at parties I never got bored of listening to him tell me all his adventures, from sneaking sheep into a hospital for my grandad (long story!), to having beans on toast with the Duke of Edinburgh in the army, to his post army endevaours.

In 2017, my dad sadly starting getting sick, and sadly passed away this May 2021.

All profit is going towards a special gift I have in mind, at the moment it is unavailable to buy but when it comes into stock I hope to be able to buy it, with the profits. If not, all profit will be going to The Woodland Hospice, here in Liverpool. They provide restbite and a safe place for those with terminal illneses, and help families like myself at the time.

The wax comes in recycable clamshell packaging, in a natural sage green colour: one of my dad's favourite as it signifies his army colours. The scent is whiskey noted, as it is just reminiscent of my dad. 


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Customer Reviews

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Ruth Shapter

An amazing smelling wax melt, dedicated to an amazing man for an amazing cause. What's not to love?! I highly recommend everyone grabs one or two of these especially if you love a bit of whiskey (my brother does and he loved it when I had it burning!)