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Sometimes we just need a blogger filler post. I recently came across The Controversial Parenting Tag from Baby Center, and with being a new mum I thought it would be a cool post to do! Please remember these are my own views and opinions and I respect anyone’s opinions too!p

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  1. Prolife or Prochoice?

Pro-choice! I believe we all have a choice as people to decide on what we do to our bodies and situation doesn’t matter.

  1. Baby wearing?

I tried with Charles and he had none of it, absolutely hated it!

  1. Circumcision?

Nope. Not a fan.

  1. Adoption?

If Charles didn’t happen, i’d of happily adopted! 



  1. Baby piercing?

I’m not sure on this one. I got my ears pierced at 5 years old because I said yes, but it traumitised me and I didnt get them done again till I was 16.

  1. Breast milk vs formula?

I just couldn’t breast feed due to having big boobs and terrified of suffocating him. He’s been fine on formula!

  1. CIO (cry it out) method vs other?

I was told by my health visitor not to let him cry out as it creates seperation anxiety more than coddling. I think me and Charles have such an amazing bond and he still loves being out of my arms just as much as getting a cuddle when he’s upset!

  1. Spanking?

Not a fan.

  1. Co-sleeping?

I didn’t like the idea when pregnant but when Charles was about 2-3 months he just wasn’t comfortable in his moses basket and as someone who suffers with fatigue, it was the only option left. A nurse actually told me recently that co-sleeping is okay with specific guidelines which we already followed (plenty of space, spacial awareness from parents, being held/on their back etc). Charles is now 6 months and still sleeps in the bed with us – kicks Daniel out from time to time literally! But we get on average 10 hours sleep so it’s worth it!

  1. Home vs Public vs Private vs Charter schooling?

It depends on the child. I went to public school and would of preferred home schooling due to the fact my dad basically home schooled me on a lot more than school did. Charles will go to a public school unless he’s better off somewhere else!

  1. Vaccinations?

Yes. I go by the “crowd” method as someone with a low immune system. Not vaccinating means another child can be at risk too.


  1. Medicating children?

Depends on the meaning. Charles currently has a chest infection and is on antibiotics – I wouldn’t deny him them! He’s also on calpol for a temperature, I can’t cope seeing him in pain.

  1. Cloth vs disposable diapers?

I keep meaning to try cloth nappies! I really need to invest in them, I think they’re a great idea!

  1. Store bought baby food vs homemade?

We do both. He absolutely loves Ella’s Kitchen but we have tried pureed veg & fruit at home!


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