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Okay okay, this is a bit of a funny post, but for anyone that knows me, knows I just love the colour yellow! I used to be obsessed with it when I was younger, and then I went through the typical pinks, pastels, black obsession but yellow has always stuck by me to remind me of brightness and positivity! So I thought it’d be funny to do a “colour” schemed gift guide.

This guide is (hopefully) good for all ages, mostly women as it tends to be a very recent loved colour, especially Mustard in Fall but I’ve tried to include men and children too (Of course any products can be unisex as well though)!

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You can’t go wrong with a bag right? I’ve attached 3 different types of bags with 3 different types of yellow that I am just IN LOVE with from New Look. Yellow is a very versataille colour, and many people can’t pull it off, but it just means you’ll stand out, which is a good thing. Imagine wearing a brown/black coat and having a gorgeous mustard yellow bag for Winter? Beautiful!

Sunbeam Fpsbdml920 Full Size Donut Maker

Doughnut Maker*

Okay, so this is amazing. This is a doughnut maker!? I didn’t know a thing like this even existed (Well I did, but I always thought doughnuts were handmade and then fried or something) but isn’t this cool!? Plus it’s yellow! This actually came up in my recommended items on Amazon (it’s like they know…) and I just had to show this off somewhere!

Lemon Drizzle Palette – Makeup Revolution*

This one is a little bit 50/50 but the palette is called “Lemon Drizzle” and has a range of yellow related shades and names so I’m alright to include it! This is the Lemon Drizzle palette from I Heart Revolution Beauty! I personally purchased this recently, and I’m in love with it. The smell of the palettes are always amazing. However, this one smells like the Kiplings lemon slices which used to be my favourite cakes as a kid! I also love the eyeshadows themselves as they’re buttery (not a pun), and they go so nicely on the eyelid. 

Childrens Disney Princesses Belle Watch PN9004Mens Festina Originals - The Tour Of Britain 2018 Chronograph Watch F20370/2 Mondaine Watch A6603036016SBE


Everyone loves a good watch, right? (Well…it’s a perfect gift anyway), especially popular amongst couples to buy each other. So how about a nice yellow one? I love all of these watches above! If you want to find the perfect watch, you could also take a look at sites similar to

Pastel Hues - Yellow

Wax Burner and Candles

And finally, during Winter, who doesn’t love a yellow candle? I know these would go perfectly in my room! 

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