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Last Updated: December 2020

Permanent: No Expiry Date

For all new customers, get 10% off your first order!
Want to add something to an existing order? use this code at checkout (Must have an order already open with paid postage).
Open Box has now been removed from the shipping. If youd like to start an open box and are aware of what it is, use this code at checkout until you are ready to close. Once ready to receive all items, choose the "Close Open Box" option at checkout. The open box will not be sent until you do.
ALSO: Are you a student? Email me ( from your college/uni email and receive a special 20% discount code for your next 3 orders!

Codes with Expiry Date 


If you were given a discount code for social media followers or are a brand ambassador please leave it in the comments if you wish! All #gifted #ad discount codes run out after 6 months. If you would like to work with me on a "gifted" basis, please contact me via email 💛
WARNING: If you given a discount code to give to followers or gifted any items from me as an influencer/ambassador, all social media posts must use the hashtag #gifted and/or #ad legally. They must be disclosed, and you MUST tag me in them. ⚠️
25% off all orders over £5. 11th-13th December.
➡️ Every christmas order also receives a free 10% code in their orders!
30% off all orders over £5. 29th December-1st January.
Create an account on my website and you can start earning points to get rewards! This includes free shipping, money off and more!
(For more information, click the yellow shopping bag button on the front page.)

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